The "Alice Project"

A 10th Grade Honors English Tour of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Week 1 Student Survey November 2, 2009

Filed under: Surveys,Week 1 of the Project — Christian Long @ 12:48 am

Before you leave class on Monday, please

click here to take a survey about the 1st week of the “Alice Project.

Mr. Long would like to get a sense from all the students:

  • what is working
  • what needs to be adjusted
  • what you’ve uniquely noticed along the way

All answers will be combined to help him see trends and new ideas.

There are only a few questions in total. It’ll probably take you 5 minutes total.

Thanks in advance.


One Response to “Week 1 Student Survey”

  1. Katherine H. Says:

    1) Our group is working together fairly well. Our editor has been good at altering responses to better suit the team and aiding teammates in our responses.

    2) We need a blog schedule, this would help us better coordinate and help our blog run more smoothly as a whole.

    3) I think we have all done great by expressing our idea individually, however I really think we need to have a chat with our teams soon. I have realized that we should probably have some sort of link between our teammates.

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