The "Alice Project"

A 10th Grade Honors English Tour of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole into Wordle-land December 2, 2009

Filed under: Observations — Christian Long @ 2:35 pm

If you were to ask a teacher-type guy (know any?) what this entire project has been about?  He’d clearly offer a few things. On one of them comes down to ‘seeing’ with ‘new eyes’ both as an intellect and as a human being.  Can’t imagine a better way to bring the Cheshire Cat’s words to Alice to life.

So, what happens when we simply visualize the entire text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in terms of which words/ideas are most commonly used?

  • What does it suggest?
  • What seems missing or not-as-prominent as you would have thought? (rabbit? Cheshire cat?)
  • Do we ‘see’ the story’s ultimate meaning(s) / possibility(s) in a new way?
  • Or, is it just visual candy, not offering anything vital to the discussion?

If you’re curious, go to this link to see how Wordle brings Alice/Wonderland to life:


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