The "Alice Project"

A 10th Grade Honors English Tour of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

A Comment About Comments December 6, 2009

Filed under: After the Deadline,Comments,Observations — Christian Long @ 3:18 pm

While much focus during (and after) the Alice Project has been on “the world is watching us” and the myriad of comments the students’ writing  from global visitors,…

…I am convinced that the real conversation that matters is from classmate to classmate, esp. when we consider that all 3 Hon Eng II classes worked on this together.


Here is the link to the  final ‘student-to-student’ comment count in terms of all comments made between Alice Project students and their peers as of the Dec. 3rd deadline.



  • All students were challenged to write a minimum of 15 comments to each other over the course of the 6 week project.
  • All students were challenged to leave a minimum of 1 comment on all of the other blogs (12 in total beyond their own).
  • All students were encouraged to respond to all in-coming comments on their own posts.

As is the case with all students/projects, some embraced the challenge and really engaged in on-going conversations, while others did the bare minimum.


Regardless of specific comment counts on the previous Google Docs spreadsheet link, I was extremely impressed with the sincere quality of student comments.


The majority of comments were often  as good as (and even longer than) some of the blog entries themselves.


This, ultimately, is what matters:  quality over quantity and a willingness to engage real conversations (beyond the project’s rules)!


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