The "Alice Project"

A 10th Grade Honors English Tour of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Week 3 Student Survey November 17, 2009

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Q1: If you were to give YOURSELF an HONEST GRADE for YOUR PARTICIPATION & TEAMWORK after the THIRD WEEK, what would you give yourself?

  • 28.6%     ‘A’: I can say with confidence that I’ve played a vital role at all times to ensure that my entire team is successful and our blog will be memorable and respected.
  • 42.9%     ‘B’: I am definitely involved helping my team with this project, but I am still figuring things out as far as what will help my team create a great blog full of ideas.
  • 17.9%     ‘C’: I am doing the ‘minimum’ required for my personal grade, but I know I can do more to help my team’s blog be taken seriously as far as a resource of ideas.
  • 8.9%      ‘D’: Truthfully, I’m doing very little for my team so far. I haven’t really figured out how to ‘keep up’ with the project or to help my teammates, although I want to.
  • 5.4%      ‘F’: My team is probably frustrated with my participation or wondering how I will contribute in the future.

Q2: Do you feel confident about the BIG PICTURE VISION of the project after the THIRD week?

  • 32.1%     Absolutely, 100%, No doubt!
  • 55.4%     For the most part, although a few things confuse me.
  • 5.4%       Sort of.
  • 7.1%        I want to say yes, but in truth I’m a bit confused.
  • 0.0%       I’m lost like Alice.

Q3: Do you feel confident about the DAY-TO-DAY EXPECTATIONS & TASKS of the project after the THIRD week?

  • 50.0%     Absolutely, 100%, No doubt!
  • 37.5%      For the most part, although a few things confuse me.
  • 7.1%        Sort of.
  • 5.4%        I want to say yes, but in truth I’m a bit confused.
  • 0.0%       I’m lost like Alice.

Q4: Do you feel CONFIDENT about the QUALITY OF WRITING & THINKING that is required of you as you discuss “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “The Annotated Alice” notes after the THIRD week?

  • 50.0%     Absolutely, 100%, No doubt!
  • 33.9%     For the most part, although a few things confuse me.
  • 16.1%      Sort of.
  • 0.0%       I want to say yes, but in truth I’m a bit confused.
  • 0.0%       I’m lost like Alice.

Q5:  Do you feel confident about the TECHNOLOGY side of the project after the THIRD week?

  • 41.1%     Absolutely, 100%, No doubt!
  • 37.5%     For the most part, although a few things confuse me.
  • 12.5%     Sort of.
  • 7.1%        I want to say yes, but in truth I’m a bit confused.
  • 1.8%        I’m lost like Alice.

Q6:  Do you feel confident with THE STORY and the ANNOTATIONS/NOTES found in “The Annotated Alice” after the THIRD week?

  • 41.1%      Absolutely, 100%, No doubt!
  • 48.2%     For the most part, although a few things confuse me.
  • 8.9%       Sort of.
  • 1.8%        I want to say yes, but in truth I’m a bit confused.
  • 0.0%       I’m lost like Alice.

Q7:  What is ONE thing that Mr. Long can do NOW to help YOU BE SUCCESSFUL with the “Alice Project” AFTER 3 WEEKS?

  1. offer more ideas for blogs
  2. explain some of the themes
  3. maybe explain briefly our strengths and weaknesses in comments on our blog entries
  4. to either continue the “Recommendations” [blog entries] or allow people to look at the #13 and #12 blogs equally as #1 and #2 b/c blog #12 and #13 are usually not looked at its position on everyone’s page
  5. perhaps comment on why he likes some posts
  6. nothing right now
  7. have discussion about the story
  8. nothing specific right now
  9. class discussions of the book to help me cultivate my thoughts about the story
  10. there really isn’t anything major
  11. overall suggestion on the content being produced
  12. I don’t know if there’s much you can do; it’s really all up to us and how we want to handle things
  13. help me to make my writing better
  14. nothing
  15. wrap up the story the last couple of chapters don’t really seem to have any point
  16. give a bit more feedback on the writing
  17. sort of wrap up the story, and a little more clarification on the annotations
  18. I wish that Mr. Long could spend more time in class to explain things about the project
  19. by this time, I think we are fine on our own
  20. keep us updated with deadlines and help with design
  21. I am still getting stuck on ideas to write about
  22. maybe post some questions for us to think about
  23. there’s really nothing he can do to help at this point to help; its kinda up to us now
  24. the one thing I need to do to be more successful is to comment on more blogs so that the way I get more ideas
  25. help me feel inspired to write once class time is over (without pressure from deadline stress)
  26. I do not have an answer for this question because I have a few
  27. all I need to do is improve on my writing a little bit more.  I think I am improving in my writing abilities, but I tend to get really stressed out when a big writing assignment or project comes along
  28. discuss the annotations
  29. discussing the story in general as a class
  30. keep doing what he’s doing; no suggestions from me
  31. I would really like it Mr. Long could find the time to comment on each of our posts.  I know that is a lot to ask, but I do believe it would help
  32. just keep reminding us the due dates, and if we are on track and have the right idea
  33. clarify once again what the TEAM needs to deliver
  34. nothing; he’s put [us] in a good position to take off already
  35. give students ideas on what to write about
  36. I need some ideas for entries
  37. customizing the website
  38. help stimulate our thoughts more
  39. if Mr. Long could explain the technology a bit more that would be helpful
  40. to be honest, the [Lord of the Flies] project has taken most of our time the past 2 weeks, so my suggestion would be more time on the project to allow us to do better work (and obviously more of it)
  41. I honest do not know. He is working his butt off to make this possible.  I only wish there was more time for me to work on this
  42. it’s not what you can do for us anymore at this point, I don’t think.  I would say it’s only up to us now
  43. there isn’t much, really.  In truth, this isn’t the project that I’m worried about
  44. he’s already doing a great job
  45. help me understand the reason/meaning of the story itself
  46. just keep remind us the due dates and what needs to be done
  47. well, the only thing I could have thought of was last week. The in-class essay definitely threw a lot of us off, but it’s a little late now
  48. make sure that all members realize their duty to be part of the blog grades
  49. nothing really; he is doing great
  50. I would have to say more help with technology
  51. all I need is for my group to work harder
  52. let everyone do there own thing
  53. [he’s] doing a good job, but the freshman class trip was a challenge since [he] was gone
  54. continue doing what he has since the beginning
  55. give us another week, pretty please?
  56. FEEDBACK!  and group-specific advise please

Q8:  What are YOU MOST PLEASED about with regards to the “Alice Project” now that you’ve been doing it for 3 WEEKS?

  1. I enjoy commenting on other people’s blogs and viewing other people’s point of view
  2. that hard work everybody has done
  3. everyone is coming up with very cool ideas and the project is becoming much bigger than I originally thought it would be
  4. it allows my voice to be heard and my thoughts to be read instead of keeping them inside and forgotten
  5. the quantity and quality of blogs and all the good advice given in comments
  6. being able to put my thoughts on paper and discuss the things in the book that I think are important
  7. it has helped me understand the story more clearly
  8. I actually like reading the book. It’s very interesting and fun to read
  9. the posts that my peers are publishing on their own blogs
  10. the great improvement in my level of thinking and literary analysis
  11. I had no idea I could analyze so many things
  12. I’m not particularly pleased with anything right now because I need to get back on track (there’s so much outside confusion this time of year!)
  13. how well teams are working together
  14. the ability to work at my own pace
  15. I enjoy the blogs they seem to finally be coming together
  16. the openness of ideas and the lack of censorship
  17. the team work amongst my team and the comments left by my fellow students
  18. I love blogging; the technology is awesome, and it is just so much fun to read what other people have written and react and just get your feelings out there
  19. the quality of writing I have been able to produce
  20. the fun aspect of it and the fact that our work is being seen as professional to the outside world of adults
  21. I thought that this website would be confusing to figure out, and although I have not been editor yet, I feel like I will do a good job
  22. how I have 8 blog [entries] and 9 comments and do not have to worry about being behind
  23. really just the hope of getting a lot done soon
  24. I’m pleased with the way everyone is buying in and working hard
  25. how well things come together as a team
  26. that we are allowed to write how we feel about this story and can be helped by fellow classmates
  27. I am really about the quality of work coming from my teammates.  It seems to me that we are on task, and I believe we can get this project done and get a good grade
  28. the quality of writing in the blogs
  29. the attention the project has received from people around the world
  30. I’m enjoying it now, writing my ideas down and getting help and comments from classmates
  31. I am most pleased with how well we have all used technology.  I really feel that we are using technology to its full potential and that wee are embracing the “21st Century” idea
  32. I love doing this project.  I love how we can express ourselves through blogs and commenting on other people’s blogs.
  33. what happens when I comment so much
  34. the team isn’t behind
  35. that everyone in my group is doing something
  36. I like how a lot of people from around the world are viewing our blog
  37. the ability to talk to multiple people about a subject at the same time
  38. my new appreciation for the book
  39. I am pleased to see that people from around the world are looking at our project and for the most part seem to be enjoying it
  40. when first being assigned the role of editor I was unsure to what I was supposed to do. However, after time has gone on I now fully understand the editor’s role
  41. the content.  Everything content wise seems to be coming through better than expected
  42. the random way my mind processes what I read and the new ideas I adopt from admirable blogs
  43. I’m very happy that the rest of my team is keeping up with all of the requirements, and everything is running quite smoothly
  44. the quality of writing everyone has been doing
  45. using technology to make a blog [entry]
  46. it is pretty easy to find the ideas to blog about
  47. I’m getting more ideas for blogs now, which is great
  48. our team, although very diverse to say the least, is coming together and working constantly to improve our project
  49. how many things I am discovering about Alice in Wonderland that I would [have] never bothered to find out if I had not done this project
  50. the amount of “outside” people that are looking in at us and our work
  51. all the comments I’m getting
  52. the fact that people around the world are paying attention
  53. blogging
  54. I enjoy reading people’s posts, and they allow me to see the story differently
  55. I feel like I understand it very well, but still feel very confused as to what the point of analyzing it is
  56. the amount of attention our blog has gotten so far in terms of site ‘views’

Q9:  What are YOU most FRUSTRATED by with regards to the “Alice Project” now that you’ve been doing it for 3 WEEKS?

  1. I like writing blogs but I have a hard time expressing my ideas
  2. the pressure of getting good blog [entries] and comments done
  3. I feel like my team is a little behind, and I, myself, need to think of more original things to say
  4. that some students are not as driven as other students, and hope that it won’t affect the overall project
  5. my own inability to come up with original ideas
  6. the blog [entries] I am really behind on
  7. having time to write blog [entries]
  8. coming up with ideas to write about
  9. that I still am having troubles coming up with god ideas for blogs besides the chapter analysis stuff
  10. how long it takes to write meaningful blog entries
  11. sometimes getting an idea to write about takes a while
  12. not feeling interested in it, and feeling like oru team isn’t together on it
  13. it is hard for me to come up with ideas for any blog [entries]
  14. nothing
  15. I still dislike computers and technology in general
  16. lack of feedback
  17. coming up with ideas on blog entries
  18. I am frustrated that we are not able to spend more time in class talking about Alice
  19. getting things done
  20. I still don’t know how to design a really great looking website to attract readers
  21. I am very busy outside of school, so I feel like I am letting my team down by not having many blog entries
  22. I am starting to run out of ideas for my blog besides chapter analysis
  23. not knowing what to write
  24. there is nothing that I am really frustrated with
  25. getting myself to write, and managing the immense amount of stuff to do in the small window of time that we have face-to-face discussion
  26. I’m uncertain about what is expected of me and now I’m uncertain were to go
  27. I feel like I’m not doing as well as my other teammates. Maybe this is just because people like Hersh have a bigger imagination, and therefore can write more entries.  I feel like my imagination isn’t good enough, and I need to start thinking about my entries
  28. I’m a little stuck on blog ideas
  29. my lack of time, even though I am looking forward to break to give this project the time it requires
  30. I haven’t done enough blog [entries]; that bothers me
  31. not much.  If I had to say something, I would say that figuring out things to write about is hard for me.  I am good at commenting and debating, but not thinking of the topics themselves
  32. I’m frustrated with the time it takes, especially with my other classes
  33. the technology related to the project
  34. I’m not [frustrated]
  35. occasionally suffer from writers block
  36. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get everything done with good quality with the amount of time that we have left
  37. the website is a little confusing and frustrating at times
  38. the lack of ideas I have for blogs
  39. I am frustrated with the technology.  I am not good with technology and at times I get confused
  40. nothing.  So far it has been a very smooth project
  41. how little time I have to do it, and how much time it requires from me
  42. sometimes finding something to write is like poking an elephant with a straw and hoping it will move
  43. I’m having trouble keeping up with all the blog [entries] and comments  we have to do because of the Lord of the Flies project and the daily homework that the other teachers give us.  It doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do
  44. I’m losing time and procrastinating.  It’s frustrating to see myself put into situations where I could have avoided them easily
  45. I have ideas when I fall asleep, but forget them when I wake up
  46. I’m not having trouble with writing the blogs itself but finding time to do the blogs
  47. it’s just my lack of time, which is my own fault, but rehearsals are over after this week, and the Lord of the Flies project will be done as well, so I’ll have more time after all that is over
  48. some members of my group are not accomplishing the required amount of submissions
  49. that one of my team members hasn’t posted any blog [entries]
  50. the amount of work that I am not doing, and the technology still confuses me
  51. some of my teammates
  52. having to write a certain amount of blog [entries] instead of only doing however many  can while keeping the content meaningful
  53. the actual book is very frustrating
  54. I am not satisfied with what I have done
  55. trying to find the point.  Trying to be zen about everything isn’t working
  56. the story itself is frustrating, as well as the overly helpful annotations that somewhat take away from my own discoveries

Q10:  Name ONE thing that has IMPRESSED YOU about ANOTHER TEAM’s BLOG/ENTRIES now that you’ve been doing this for 3 WEEKS.

  1. the number of blog [entries]/comments of certain groups impress me
  2. the amount of blog [entries] made
  3. their creativity and obvious dedication to the project
  4. the ideas that other people come up with are so creative and I would have never thought of some of their perspectives which amazes me
  5. all the amazing ideas coming from all directions with all different perspectives
  6. people’s different views and their thoughts.  I like reading the entries from classmates
  7. the creativity of their blogs
  8. the amount that they’re doing
  9. I love how some people are using the outside sources in such interesting ways
  10. Brendon’s psychological analysis blog entries have really caught my attention in a positive way
  11. the level of writing inspires me to write even better
  12. they’re really thorough and coming together nicely
  13. the creativity throughout the teams and their posts
  14. the wonderful ideas and directions other people are discovering
  15. I liked the psychoanalysis posts I saw on team #10’s blog
  16. I think group 5 has done a very good job of analyzing the story and annotations, and integrating that knowledge into a blog that can be presented well
  17. the overall look of some of the sites is very impressive
  18. the creativity of several teams has impressed me; a lot of people are using their brains
  19. the quantity of some blogger’s material
  20. I like Brittany M.’s group because all of their blog entries are consistent and have lots of great content in them
  21. I was impressed with everyone’s writing and how much some people have gotten done in such a short time
  22. the quality of work is impressive by itself
  23. Rivu’s very deep blogs are very interesting to me
  24. I am impressed with the amount of blogs that have been written
  25. how each blog seems to take on its own attitude about what kind of things it (and its respective bloggers) writes about
  26. the amount of information the other teams have done and the way it is presented
  27. Hersh is a dynamic force.  He has a very good imagination , which really impresses me. When we were first assigned groups, I was afraid that we would never get this project even started, however, when we started getting into the project more, it turned out to be great
  28. team #3 did a picture PowerPoint thing that they talk in the background and analyzed the pictures
  29. the organization and connections within many of the blogs
  30. how technologically savvy a lot of team’s blogs are as far as layout and content
  31. I’m very impressed how other teams are referencing their posts to other people’s posts.  It makes everyone feel better knowing their blogs are actually being read and analyzed
  32. one team has a really cool website that I’m jealous of
  33. the ingenious titles of many of these blogs
  34. the quantity of some people’s work, while still having quality
  35. they are incredibly deep and thoughtful
  36. one of the blogs has pictures for each of their entries
  37. Rivu’s comparisons between the Matrix and Alice/Wonderland
  38. their ease of being able to come up with entries
  39. I am impressed with the quality and quantity of some of my classmate’s blogs.  I am also impressed with the appearance of Derek, Brittany, Angela, Kyle, and Taylor’s blog
  40. one group I saw had gone on a chat and discussed what they had read the night before.  This allowed them to then pull material out from that chat, while allowing them to better understand the project as a whole
  41. the amount of overwhelming writing from some of them that is done well
  42. the way they all work together as a unit rather than people just thrown together to make a team
  43. I’m loving how (for the most part) every blog is very easy to respond to.  While they’re explaining each idea and concept thoroughly, everyone’s still leaving room for other people to discuss
  44. how much everyone has accomplished over the last 3 weeks
  45. I thought it was interesting that they were able to put pictures on their posts, and analyze them
  46. one thing that one person has already done so many blog [entries] and comments
  47. I was really impressed with the fact that it’s not all the same.  People really are seeing Alice much differently from one another, for the most part
  48. the amount of information submitted in blog #5.  They have really set the bar content-wise
  49. on Alice Project #6, there layout impressed me a lot
  50. one of the blogs has just come together beautifully.  They link each other’s posts and have video and audio comments/[entries].  That really impressed me.
  51. the depth of their analysis is really impressive
  52. I like how others have delved into physics
  53. Derek’s ideas
  54. they have great material that I enjoy reading
  55. it looks much better than ours
  56. the complexity of some classmates’ blog entries is certainly impressive